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              Changzhou United Chemical Co.,Ltd(CUCHEM), an ISO9001 certificated company, founded in 1992, specialized in Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. With more than 20years experience in chemical area, we have established long term business relationship with many international customers, also is well known as a creditworthy company by many local manufacturers. 

              We will continue to seek co-development together with craft brother in worldwide chemical realm, with quality products, excellent service and good reputation. Our Quality Principle is" High quality and honesty to win international clients, full participations to create CUCHEM brand".

              Zip code: 213 022
              Tel: +86-519-8825 1268 / 8519 3302
              Email: manager@cuchem.com
              Fax: +86-519-8519 3313
              URL: www.szpyb.com

              www.szpyb.com Copyright ©2016-2018 Changzhou United Chemical Co.,Ltd all right reserved

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